Protein bars totally useless? Or an insider tip?

I am trying to determine which ones are best and to suggest to people which are the best.

The protein is a carbohydrate and protein and is added to the bars and that is it. That is how it works. The carbohydrates are carbohydrates and that is what it is. There are many different protein bars in different flavors. Some of these bars have more carbohydrates than others. In order to determine which protein bars you want to buy, there is a formula called a Metabolic Unit (Met). The Met is the amount of carbohydrate or protein that you take in per day. In order to make your bars taste good, you need to put your carbs in your Met. If you don't, then the flavor is lessened. When you see an "M" for "metabolic unit", that means the carbs are being put in the Met. For example, if you have a 4 oz. bar, and there are 2.5 carbs in it, then it would be a 4-M-M-M-M. A 4-M-M-M is how much is in 4oz. of protein bars. You want to get your carbs to a Met of at least 15, in order to make the bars taste good. When you add the fat, it becomes a 5-M-M-M-M or 4-5-M-M. So the carbs go up, and you get a more tasty bar with more protein.

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